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Your Local Patient Advocates are professionals and experts in reducing and negotiating medical bills after they occur. Save at least three times our fee or you owe us nothing!

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Sometimes the billing codes and procedures can change, rendering your bills incorrect, and possibly landing you big savings.

Guaranteed savings isn’t just a phrase – it’s our promise to you. Save at least three times our fee or you owe us nothing!

Medical bills shouldn’t mean financial destitution. Let us help you save on your medical bills, so you can enjoy the important things in life!

We are so confident that we can save you at least three times the amount of our fee that if we don’t, you won’t owe us a single cent!

Wide network of experts who reduce patient medical bills on your behalfDoctorLocal Patient Advocate, or LPA, is a wide network of experts around the country who reduce patient medical bills by negotiating discounts with the hospitals on the client’s behalf. Medical bills are generated from billing codes , some codes and charges of which, can often be wrong. With decades of experience, LPA knows how to navigate medical language, procedural codes and billing methods of hospitals. We are confident that we can successfully reduce a client’s medical bills, and if we fail to save you money, you pay us $0.00. It’s a simple process that can reduce your bills by 30, 40 & 50 percent and more. Sign up here with your Local Patient Advocate and let our advocates work for you to get you the savings you deserve.

Save or You Pay $0.00 Is Our Commitment To You For Guaranteed Savings

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