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Reduce your Medical Bills Today. Get UNBELIEVABLE results and pay less.

Your Local Patient Advocates are professionals and experts in reducing and negotiating medical bills after they occur.
We provide geographic coverage throughout the U.S. and negotiate discounts with all hospital providers to reduce your out of pocket expense. Every medical bill can be reduced and often cut in half, even large expenses.

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DoctorLocal Patient Advocate, or LPA, is a wide network of experts around the country who reduce patient medical bills by negotiating discounts with the hospitals on the client’s behalf. Medical bills are generated from billing codes , some codes and charges of which, can often be wrong. With decades of experience, LPA knows how to navigate medical language, procedural codes and billing methods of hospitals. We are confident that we can successfully reduce a client’s medical bills, and if we fail to save you money, you pay us $0.00. It’s a simple process that can reduce your bills by 30, 40 & 50 percent and more. Sign up here with your Local Patient Advocate and let our advocates work for you to get you the savings you deserve.

Step1Gather all your final bills, which should include addresses, phone numbers and total amounts due to each hospital or doctor’s office. You will then need to go online to our website, and sign up through our safe and secure portal. You will be prompted to begin answering a few simple questions for us. Once again, there are NO UPFRONT FEES. We conduct a free consultation for each of our clients before we will accept payment. If we fail you save you money, you pay $0.00. Within 48 hours of receiving your medical forms, your Local Patient Advocate will contact you and discuss the initial evaluation and next steps.

Step2Your LPA will analyze your bills and statements and make the decision to accept or reject your case. At that point, your LPA will be in contact with you. Our clients are then asked to complete a necessary authorization form, which will grant limited power of attorney to your LPA. This authorizes your advocate to work on your behalf to discuss your medical bill(s) with the appropriate hospitals and doctors in order to get the guaranteed savings you deserve. In addition, your LPA will discuss the following topics with you: potential reduction to your medical bills, the communication approach with your providers and the price reduction process.

Start-hereIn step three, your Local Patient Advocate will discuss a competitive flat rate commission plan with you, which will be payable to LPA. Advocates work for you to provide you with guaranteed savings. We anticipate this process can take anywhere from 30-90 days, although most cases are typically resolved in 30 days. Once again, if we are unable to save you a single cent, you pay $0.00. While we strive to maximize the amount reduced on your medical bills, at minimum, we expect to be able to earn you at least three times the price of our service fees in savings.

We are committed to lowering your medical bills

  • Advocates experienced in medical billing
  • Save 3 times our rate in bills – Guaranteed!
  • Experienced Advocates = Timely Settlements
  • Save or You Pay $0.00

It’s simple. NO UPFRONT FEES.

Many companies require the client pay massive upfront fees with no promise of results. Others retain a significant percentage of the portion negotiated – but not LPA. We treat our clients to a free consultation before we accept any form of payment. We pride ourselves on making the process to your guaranteed savings a simple one. Clients pay nothing up front.  Not a single dime. Advocates at LPA are here to work for you. Advocates aim to please, and if we are not able to save you any money, you pay $0.00. We remove the risk from the process of lowering your medical bills so that you are able to pursue the savings you deserve.