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Reduce your Medical Bills Today. Get UNBELIEVABLE results and pay less.

Your Local Patient Advocates are professionals and experts in reducing and negotiating medical bills after they occur.
We provide geographic coverage throughout the U.S. and negotiate discounts with all hospital providers to reduce your out of pocket expense. Every medical bill can be reduced and often cut in half, even large expenses.

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Local Patient Advocate (LPA), is a WIDE NETWORK OF EXPERTS AROUND THE COUNTRY that reduce patient medical bills by negotiating discounts with the hospitals on the patient’s behalf. Medical bills are generated from billing codes and those codes and charges can often be wrong. With decades of experience, LPA knows the medical language, procedural codes and billing methods of hospitals and we know how to successfully reduce the patient’s bills. It’s a very simple process and REDUCE YOUR BILLS 30, 40 & 50 percent and more. Sign up here with your Local Patient Advocate and let us get to work to reduce your medical bill.

Gather all your final bills, with addresses and phone numbers and total amount due to each hospital or doctors office. Your first step is to go online to the website, SIGN UP through our safe and secure portal and begin answering a few simple questions. NO UPFRONT FEES. Within 48 hours your Local Patient Advocate will contact you and discuss the initial evaluation and next steps.

The second step, your LPA makes the initial evaluation and make the decision to accept or reject your case. At that point your LPA will be in contact with you and our customers are asked to complete a necessary authorization form. This form grants limited power of attorney to your LPA which authorizes them to work on your behalf and discuss your medical bill with the appropriate hospitals and doctors. In addition, your LPA will discuss the potential reduction to your medical bills, the communication approach with your providers and the price reduction process.

In step three, your Local Patient Advocate will discuss the flat rate commission plan with you, that is payable to LPA. Our goal, is to successfully negotiate a reduction of your expenses with your health care provider, which ultimately will reduce your financial stress and get you back to normal life.  Our unconditional guarantee to you is that we will work to secure you the maximum amount of potential savings. At a minimum, we will save you at least two times our commission fee.

We are committed to lowering your medical bills

  • Dedicated and Qualified LPAs to get you the largest savings possible
  • Experienced in the field of Medical Facilities Billing Procedures
  • Familiar with Charge-Masters and accounts receivable management
  • Skilled negotiators that know the local hospital marketplace
  • Timely settlements with our depth of experienced staff

Its simple… NO UPFRONT FEES.

Many companies require a big upfront fee or retain a huge percentage of the portion negotiated… Not LPA. Our process is very simple and very economical. You pay NOTHING up front. We are your Local Patient Advocate and we are here to work for you. We will review all the cases and while LPA has the right to reject specific cases, we will get right to work for you.

See How Prices Vary So Drastically.

Our Commitment To Our Customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our promise to you is that LPA will negotiate a discount comparable to at least twice our contracted fee.  Its that simple, we want to save you the most money possible and earn a fair commission!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q)Why do I need LPA to negotiate a discounted payment with the hospital on my behalf?
A)Simple, our advocates are familiar with the hospital, their billing policies, and who to contact.  This knowledge allows us to negotiate discounts on a timely basis on your behalf.

Q)How long will the process take once I agree to the contracted fee amount?
A)The length of time it takes to negotiate a settlement with the hospital typically requires a minimum of 30 days, however, it is not unusual for the process to take as long as 90 days.  Your advocate will provide you with an update every 30 days if necessary.

Q)How much can I anticipate to save?
A)Honestly, we can not answer this question.  Each account is unique, as is each hospital.  However, you are safe-guarded by our satisfaction guarantee.

Q)Why can’t I just call the hospital and make my own deal?
A)You can! You should feel free to do so. However, we are experts in the field of billing, coding and payment methodologies. We will advocate on your behalf using decades of combined experience. This combined expertise allows us to confidently go through your bill carefully to look for errors in coding and pricing. We know hospitals and how their billing and accounts receivables systems work …and don’t work. We also know who to call and how to make an arrangement that will be in your best interest.

Q)What is the secret?
A) Hard work, persistence, a passion for advocating for patients and industry knowledge of medical coding and reimbursement.

Q)Why is a Local Patient Advocate important?
A) Health care billing/charges and coding can be complicated. It can be, and often is, governed by local laws and billing rules/regulations. In addition the hospital financial people can be local, the decisions are also often made locally. The Advocate assigned to your case is an expert in medical billing and coding in your local area and they are armed and supported by a national company and data base. They have years of experience and contacts that will make this process go faster and arrive at the maximum discount possible.

For a compete list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Promise To You
We will negotiate on your behalf and we will ensure your savings is twice the amount of our stated fee. If we do not save you at least 2x the amount you pay Local Patient Advocate we will adjust our fee.
We Deliver Results
Our goal is to reduce your out of pocket expense by the largest amount possible. And our success comes from saving you as much money possible and you become an advocate of us and refer a friend or family member with a similar situation.


Baffled Consumers Seek Help With Rising Medical Bills

… The cost of health care nationwide is rising at breakneck speed while people are being asked to pay higher premiums and co-insurance. That leaves patients puzzled by incomprehensible medical bills, and others unable to pay unexpectedly high costs… Hospital bills are typically the largest of all medical expenses, so they tend to get the most attention. But experts say lab bills, outpatient facility bills and charges for services such as physical therapy are rising in both their size and their complexity. USA


Medical Bills Are the Biggest Cause of U.S. Bankruptcies

… Bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills will affect nearly 2 million people this year making health care the No. 1 cause of such filings, and outpacing bankruptcies due to credit-card bills or unpaid mortgages, according to new data. And even having health insurance doesn’t buffer consumers against financial hardship… nearly 10 million adults with year-round health-insurance coverage will still accumulate medical bills that they can’t pay off this year. Healthcare


Many Medical Bills Contain Errors Effecting 14 Million Patients

…estimates show that 30% to 40% of medical bills contain errors. The Access Project, a Boston-based health-care advocacy group, says it’s closer to 80%…. Not only can billing errors lead to higher costs for consumers—they can also sabotage otherwise well-heeled borrowers’ ability to get mortgages or other types of loans. Medical-billing errors mar the credit reports of roughly 14 million patients… and what’s more some health-care experts say the number of errors could jump in coming years. The Wall Street Journal

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